Fusion Materials: Functional Self-Organized Materials Consisting of Fused Organic and Inorganic Components (#294)

To create a sustainable society, highly functional, environmentally friendly materials are required. This symposium focuses on the development of new sophisticated fusion materials and exploration of their optical, electrical, ionic, mechanical, sensing, biomedical, and energy functions. The essential feature of these materials is that they comprise a variety of fused organic and inorganic components. Their design can be inspired by the structures of biominerals consisting of inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate, silica, and calcium phosphate fused with biomacromolecules. The symposium will discuss latest strategies in the development of new bio-inspired synthetic materials that exhibit advanced functions mentioned above. For synthetic fusion materials, a variety of inorganic components and organic molecules such as functional polymers, liquid crystals, and amphiphilic molecules form precisely organized and harmonized structures and their syntheses utilize environmentally friendly processes. The fine control over nano- and micro-level hierarchical structures and interactions at interfaces is a key for construction of such new fusion materials. In this symposium, new directions in synthesis, properties, and applications of fusion materials are presented and discussed.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015