Materials & Nanoscience

Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine (#289)

The symposium on “Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine” focuses on materials required for investigating and manipulating molecular reactions in biological systems. Detection of biological activities at the molecular level is indispensable in understanding further the bioprocesses in living systems. Recent progress in analytical techniques including high resolution microscopy has allowed the rapid and efficient observation of (macro)molecules in cells on the nanometer scale. To track molecular reactions in cells, however, highly specific and biocompatible molecular probes are required. In addition, molecular tools to deliver the probes inside the cell or in particular organelle without damaging and/or influencing cellular activity are necessary. The objective of this symposium is to discuss the chemical and biochemical basis for the appropriate design of nano-systems to probe molecular reactions in cells and living systems. Moreover, pharmaceutical and medicinal applications of these systems will be discussed. The symposium would contribute further to the development of nano-theragnostics. This symposium will bring together scientists from materials chemistry, biophysics, pharmaceutics and biology. Research topics to be covered are: 1) biospecific and biocompatible probe design, 2) chemical tools to manipulate cellular reactions, 3) molecular systems for probe delivery, 4) simulation of molecular reaction in cell, and 5) nanomaterials for theranostics.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015