Ultrasensitive Assays for Proteins and Protein Modifications (#287)

This symposium will showcase the most recent advances in bioanalytical technology and ultrasensitive assays for proteins and protein modifications. The detection of proteins is fundamental for studying their functions and for the development of molecular diagnostics. Many important functional proteins are present at trace concentrations. Therefore, determining proteins in complex systems requires exquisite analytical specificity and sensitivity. This symposium will focus on recent developments of bioanalytical techniques that enable the detection of proteins and protein modifications at trace concentrations. Multi-dimensional separation combined with fluorescence and mass spectrometry techniques pushes the limit of proteome analysis to the single cells level. New nanomaterials and chemical strategies facilitate the characterization of specific protein modifications. Affinity binding assays incorporating signal amplification abilities enable the detection of specific proteins at the yoctomole or single-molecule levels. This symposium will highlight some of these advances and motivate further developments that push the frontier of bioanalytical chemistry. Oral and poster abstract submissions are welcome, and oral and poster sessions will stimulate discussions and foster potential collaborations.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015