Frontiers of Chirality in Organic Chemistry (#286)

This symposium series will bring together cutting edge speakers at the forefront of molecular and supramolecular chirality together with chiral analysis and spectroscopy. The talks will describe major advances in these areas that have been made in recent years. Not only is basic science evolving rapidly in these areas, but pharmaceutical companies continue to show interest in methods for the preparation and characterization of chiral drugs. The symposium will be divided into several sessions, each of which focuses on a hot topic involving chiral science. A session on Chiral Nanotechnology will emphasize exciting new organic and metal/organic hybrid nanomaterials with molecular and supramolecular structures and properties arising from their chirality. The Chiroptical Spectroscopy session will cover the major advances made in the past several years in the characterization and study of chiral compounds and materials by combined application of experimental ECD, ORD, VCD methods and theoretical simulations of chiroptical properties. An entirely new field of Chiral Sensors has been born in the last several years that will be the focus of the third session. Incredible recent advances in Chiral Chromatography will emphasize not only the very efficient strategies but also entirely new technologies and strategies that are making a significant impact on chiral analysis and separations. Finally, a broad scientific session will cover the latest developments in the synthesis of chiral molecules, materials science, and the search for chiral compounds on other planets.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015