Bench to Bedside: Chemistry of Health Care

Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Ingredients: Chemistry and Health (#285)

Nutraceuticals and functional foods are important in promoting health
and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. In this a large number of
plant bioactives and some animal-based compounds are found to render
desirable effects. Natural sources of antioxidants such as
phenolic and polyphenolic compounds as well as carotenoids are included
in this category and are responsible for preventing favor reversion
and quality deterioration of foods. In the body, they provide the
necessary protection against oxidative stress and prevention or
control of initiation and progression of associated chronic diseases. However, the chemical structures and physiological benefits of compounds involved have often not been documented. This symposium intends to provide the latest developments in the field by participation of world renown scientists from around the globe and to shed light on this important topic that covers different cutting-edge knowledge about nutraceuticals and functional foods, including natural sources of antioxidants, and methodologies used for their evaluation.

Last update: Dec 28, 2015