Chemistry of Clean Energy Conversion, Storage, and Production

Artificial Photosynthesis: Bio-inspired Chemistry for Solar Fuel Production (#278)

Photosynthesis has been for many years a fascinating source of inspiration for the development of model systems able to achieve efficient solar fuel production. Novel bio-inspired artificial photosynthesis system is a cutting-edge with societal demands for low carbon energy production. Recently, research at the linkage of materials chemistry, physical and biological sciences, and nanotechnology in the bio-inspired artificial photosynthesis has attracted keen attention. The ultimate goal is to develop the advanced materials with efficiently converting solar energy to chemical energy. An interdisciplinary focus of this session will be on different aspects of artificial photosynthesis based on the hybrid systems toward functional devices for solar fuel production.
This session focuses on the bio-inspired chemistry for solar fuel production including efficient light-harvesting systems and catalysts for fuel production (hydrogen and alcohol fuel) based on the natural, biomimic and artificial materials. This symposium is organized together with the other two symposiums related to artificial photosynthesis, i.e. “Photo-induced Water Splitting” and “Reduction of Carbon Dioxide”. The organizers recommend that the attendees who are interested in giving a talk or a poster presentation will select one of these three symposia.
The session will consist of an invited lecture, contributed lecture and poster session.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015