Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry (#274)

This symposium covers a field of analytical instrumentation using a laser in mass spectrometry. In green and life sciences, it is required to use advanced analytical technology for the measurement of numerous chemicals. For example, pollutions in the air and solid waste are serious issues that should be solved in Asian countries. Another example would be chemicals in human body, the concentration of which should be monitored under serious levels of interference. Thus, the development of advanced technology is necessary for trace analysis in environment and life sciences. Mass spectrometry has been utilized for this purpose. A conventional method of electron ionization, however, has limited performance in sensitivity and selectivity. On the other hand, a laser has unique properties as an ionization source. In fact, a mass spectrometer equipped with a femtosecond laser has been developed, providing subfemtogram detection limits for organic compounds. A laser ionization mass spectrometer designed for bio analysis has been successfully employed for trace analysis of proteins and DNAs. Performance of a laser is developed rapidly, resulting in high output power, excellent reliability, and low cost. Therefore, a forum of laser ionization mass spectrometry would attract attentions of many researchers studying in science and technology.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015