Cooperative Cocatalysis with Two Different Metals (#270)

Dual-metal catalyzed reactions can offer reactivity and selectivity not available to single-metal systems, yet significantly less is known about the development of reactions catalyzed by two different metals/metalloids than by one. Challenges include the development of strategies for turning over the two catalysts in one pot, the avoidance of potential catalyst quenching redox reactions between the two metals, the determination of mechanisms in the presence of several possible equilibria, and the prediction of selectivities in these systems. Recently, advances have been made in dual-metal catalyzed reactions where the metals act cooperatively despite the absence of ligands that tether them together, which in turn lowers synthetic barriers to ligand synthesis and catalyst optimization. This symposium brings together scientists solving diverse synthetic problems in small-molecule and polymer construction via dual-metal catalyzed approaches. Topics will focus on the most cutting-edge of this field with significant advances from the last five years in the organic, inorganic, and polymer areas.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015