Metal-containing π-Conjugated Systems: Syntheses, Properties, Applications (#269)

The study of metal alkynyl complexes and related metal-containing pi-conjugated systems has accelerated recently due not only to interest in the basic chemistry of these complexes and their potential applications in well-established areas such as homogeneous catalysis, but also their relevance to emerging fields such as nonlinear optics, conducting materials, and artificial light harvesting. This symposium will cover syntheses, fundamental aspects of structure and spectroscopy, and related theoretical studies, as well as materials and other applications. The symposium will focus on metal alkynyl complexes and other metal-containing pi-conjugated systems in which the metal perturbs the sp-carbon chain/pi-conjugated system, including, inter alia, metal-supported sp-carbon chains and metal-containing pi-networks such as dendrimers.

Confirmed Invited Speakers: Heinz Berke (Universitaet Zuerich), Wai Kin Chan (Hong Kong University), Thomas Cooper (US AirForce), Youichi Ishii (Chuo University), John Yip Hon Kay (National University of Singapore), George Koutsantonis (University of Western Australia), Claude Lapinte (Universite Rennes I), Todd Marder (Universitaet Wuerzburg), Tetsuro Murahashi (Institute for Molecular Science Okazaki), Tong Ren (Purdue University), Marek Samoc (Wroclaw University of Technology), Kirk Schanze (University of Florida), Wenfang Sun (North Dakota State University), Keith Man-Chung Wong (South University of Science and Technology of China), Raymond Wai Yeung Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University), Jye-Shane Yang (National Taiwan University)
Last update: Dec 28, 2015