Advanced Membrane Separations (#262)

Polymeric membranes find numerous applications in diverse areas such as medicine, environmental restoration, water treatment, and chemical and biomanufacturing. Unique features of separation processes that use membranes include lower operating costs, e.g., reverse osmosis and gas separation membranes; modular design and easy scale up in bioseparations and water treatment; and gentle processing conditions in biomedical applications such as blood oxygenation and kidney dialysis. As the demand for sustainable manufacturing processes increases, developing low-cost, high-efficiency separation processes will be important. Thus, development of advanced polymeric membranes with functional surfaces will be essential. Multifunctional membranes with properties that can be modulated by an external stimulus such as temperature, pH, ionic strength show promise for future separation challenges. This symposium includes contributions that describe advances in polymeric membrane materials and surfaces for biomedical applications, bioseparations, water treatment, and sustainable manufacturing processes. In addition, contributions are encouraged that describe new application for membrane based unit operations such as treatment of hydraulic fracturing flow back and co-produced waters, removal of emerging contaminants such as endocrine disrupters from wastewaters, catalytic membranes that lead to significant process intensification. Contributions that describe new membranes and membrane surfaces that are optimized for new separation challenges are particularly desired.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015