Materials & Nanoscience

Advances in Bioinspired and Biomedical Materials (#245)

This symposium addresses the synthesis, directed self-assembly, and hierarchical organization of materials inspired by nature, with emphasis on materials developed for biomedical applications. The symposium will exploit the unique opportunity afforded by Pacifichem 2015 to foster discussions, interactions, and collaborations between chemists and biomedical/biomaterials scientists and engineers. As these communities have few regular opportunities to interact, an important outcome of this symposium will be enhancing the understanding among the various constituents and to promote interactions among researchers working in this interdisciplinary field. The symposium will include contributed and invited talks by speakers representing a variety of scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, organic and polymer chemistry, materials science and engineering, and bioengineering. Poster sessions will promote interactions between junior scientists and senior investigators. Themes of interest represented by this symposium range from fundamental molecular design and synthesis, to novel structure-property relationships derived from biological inspiration, as well as in-vitro and in-vivo characterization of novel materials. Example topics include: biological strategies for materials synthesis; biologically inspired materials processing; self-healing biomaterials; hierarchical self-assembling systems; biointerfaces; nucleic acid-based materials; mechanochemistry of biologically inspired materials; design of new materials through reprogramming of the genetic code; peptide- and protein- mimetic biomaterials; biomineralization; and, biomedical applications of bioinspired materials.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015