Development and Applications of Techniques for Electrochemical Analysis (#24)

Electroanalytical methods have been used not only for identifying chemical species and determining their concentrations but also for establishing physicochemical and analytical fundamentals. They have recently been extended to nano-sciences and energy conversions, of which microscopic data they can support on the thermodynamic base. The response of the electroanalytical methods has such a wide dynamic range from 1 pA to 10 mA in the electrochemical significance, and hence the methods can cover nano-fields as well as industrial ones. This symposium includes (1) conceptual and methodological developments and applications of electroanalytical sciences, and (2) search for new functionalities of chemicals and materials. The former covers a new insight of electroanalytical concept, exploitation of techniques, resolution of difficulties in electrochemical measurements, applications to unusual chemical systems, and combinations with other analytical techniques. The latter covers applications to nano-particles, nano materials, surface electrochemical reactions, reactions at oil|water interfaces, bio-electrochemical reactions, fundamentals of battery materials, functional films with ordered structure, redox polymers, and ionic liquids.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015