Molecular Function of Natural Products: Advances towards Chemical Biology (#237)

The elucidation of new mode-of-action of natural products gives us an important clues for new scientific discovery. Bioactive natural products are indispensable tool to explore this chemistry-biology interface. Recent progress in chemical biology research has accelerated the identification of the targets of biologically active small molecules, including naturally occurring protein ligands. In these studies, the forward/reverse chemical biology approaches will be important methods for the identification of unknown target protein. And natural products and related analogs serve as tools for the analysis of ligand-protein interactions.
This symposium includes papers on chemical synthesis, chemical biology, and biochemistry (molecular biology) toward the elucidation of mode-of-action of natural products. Other topics are also discussed such as, development of a versatile methodology for identifying the molecular target, a rational molecular approach for the design of simplified natural products, development of new concepts relating to the control of bioactivity. Especially, the chemical regulation of “multifunctional (of multi-mode-of-action)” nature of natural products will be discussed as one of the important topic in this symposium.
This symposium will depict a current picture of natural product-promoted chemical biology.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015