The Expanding Periodic Table: New Discoveries and Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements (#234)

Since the dawn of the new Millenium, six new elements (113, 114, 115, 116, 117, and 118) and 52 new isotopes with relatively long decay half-lives have been reported. The production of these super-heavy elements (SHEs) was achieved via nuclear reactions of calcium-48 ion beams and actinide targets. These reactions occur with surprisingly “large” and constant cross sections, on the order of picobarns. Recent independent confirmations led to the naming of Flerovium, Fl, and Livermorium, Lv, for elements 114 and 116, respectively. Elements 115 and 117 have been recently confirmed. This symposium will discuss world-wide efforts and collaborations on the production of SHE elements covering their full range from element 104, Rf, to 118. The symposium will focus on experimental results about production reactions, including yield improvements, nuclear stability, and chemical characterization through aqueous and gas-phase chemistry. Theoretical aspects and predictions about the production, nuclear stability, as well as chemical properties will also be highlighted. Topics: • Synthesis of new SHE elements; • Exotic nuclear decay properties of superheavy nuclei; • Theory of production reactions, nuclear stability, and chemical compounds; • Atomic properties of the heaviest elements; • Atom-at-a-time gas- and aqueous-phase chemistry of the heaviest elements; • Developments of new techniques for heavy element research; • New facilities and improvements for SHE science; • International SHE chemistry and physics collaborations, including the new Super Heavy Element Factory at Dubna.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015