Bioorganic Reaction Mechanisms (#224)

This symposium will highlight the results from recent studies on the mechanisms of important biological reactions, with an emphasis on enzyme-catalyzed reactions and studies on models of enzymatic catalysis. Four themes of contemporary relevance will be highlighted: (1) The Chemical Mechanisms of Enzymatic Reactions. Recent advances in our understanding of enzyme catalysis will be presented. (2) Biomimetic Organic Reactions. New applications of the tools of modern mechanistic organic chemistry to the elucidation of the mechanisms of biologically significant chemical reactions will be emphasized. (3) Enzyme Engineering and Directed Evolution of Enzyme Specificity. The results of recent mechanistic studies on the rational design and directed evolution of protein catalysts will be presented. (4) Enzyme Inhibition and the Mechanism of Drug Action. The results of recent synergistic studies on enzyme mechanisms and the design of enzyme inhibitors as therapeutic agents will be presented.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015