Functional Materials Based on Organic-inorganic Hybrid Polymers (#221)

The term "organic-inorganic hybrid polymer" is used for the unified concept of inorganic polymers and heteroatom-containing polymers. Organic-inorganic hybrid polymers show unique properties compared with conventional organic polymeric materials and inorganic polymers as a results of the hybridization of organic and inorganic elements. By combining this concept with recent developments of nanosized inorganic blocks and organic-inorganic polymer hybrids, the design and construction of future high performance and functionalized materials will be enabled.
The overarching theme of this symposium is the development of the wide variety of organic-inorganic hybrid polymers for next generation functional materials. The development of this area requires interdisciplinary combination of conventional synthetic methods drawn from organic, inorganic, organometallic, and polymer chemistry, as well as fabrication techniques for low-dimensional inorganic nanostructures, to create new materials. This symposium will provide interdisciplinary discussion between these researchers to create next generation functional materials based on organic-inorganic hybrid polymer/materials.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015