Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Molecular Perspectives on Interfacial Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis (#218)

Due to their importance in modern energy technologies, interfacial electrochemistry and electrocatalysis are among the most dynamic areas of physical chemistry. In spite of tremendous activity in this field, basic properties and processes, involving adsorption of ions and molecules, mechanisms and kinetics of electrochemical reactions, metal electrodeposition, electro-oxidation, and double-layer structure and capacitance, remain poorly understood, thus giving rise to scientific controversy. At the same time, related fields in materials science, surface science, biochemistry, and electrochemical energy science continually bring out new exciting facets to these problems. The modern experimental equipment and methodology to study relations among structure and electrochemical properties of materials are rapidly evolving. Theory and recently emerging first principles electrochemical simulations provide increasingly powerful tools to understand and predict phenomena in electrochemical systems. The symposium will bring up fundamental challenges, highlight recent advances in understanding, and discuss implications for the development of electrochemical materials and systems. Topics of planned symposia include (i) charge storage and transfer at electrochemical interfaces, (ii) bio-inspired vs. metal-based electrocatalysis, (iii) electrostatic, kinetic and transport phenomena in nanostructured electrodes, (iv) electrochemical energy storage and conversion, and (v) advanced methodologies in theoretical and computational electrochemistry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015