Chemistry of Clean Energy Conversion, Storage, and Production

Energy Storage in Chemical Bonds: Advances in Chemistry and Materials for Hydrogen Storage (#216)

This symposium is dedicated to hydrogen storage, which has been a technological challenge for the transformation to a hydrogen-based economy. A hydrogen storage system must possess a number of characteristics, such as high storage capacity, fast kinetics, long cycle life, and safety under normal use. At this symposium, participants from national laboratories, universities, and industry will join together to share and learn recent progress and advances in this field. A variety of materials will be discussed, including, but not limited to, lightweight complexes, borane complexes, metal-organic frameworks, and liquid-based storage media. Emphasis will be given to the in-depth understanding of materials chemistry for hydrogen storage that is derived from both computational and experimental work. The symposium will also feature novel concepts and new materials that are still in their early stages of development.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015