Paper-Based Analytical Devices for Point of Need Measurements (#213)

Over the last few years, the development of paper-based analytical devices (PADs) and of their microfluidically patterned versions (microPADs) in particular, has rapidly evolved into a highly active research field. The motivation for the development of such devices is to provide more affordable and simple analytical tools, globally applicable at the point of need. The focus of this symposium is to bring together leading experts to discuss recent progresses in "paper-based" devices. The term "paper" is to be understood to include a variety of porous materials. The discussion will center around key themes of device development, integration and new chemistries. Examples of covered topics are issues such as on-device sample preparation, reagent storage and release, mixing, flow control, and origami methods, among others. A further focus is on signal generation and enhancement methods, as well as on specific assays for small molecules, proteins, cells, and others. Applications include diagnostics, point-of-care testing, food and nutrition safety monitoring, environmental on-site analysis, and workplace monitoring. Common essential features to all devices and applications are low cost, simple fabrication and ease of use.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015