Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Single-molecule Fluorescence Imaging (#208)

In the past two decades, single-molecule fluorescence techniques have brought ground-breaking advances in chemistry, biology, materials sciences, and energy sciences. A significant portion of these advances were made by researchers in the Pacific Rim countries. This symposium will showcase the latest advances in the development and application of single-molecule fluorescence techniques. It will include both invited and contributed oral presentations, and an accompanying poster session. The topics of the symposium will include: Spectroscopy of conjugated materials, Catalysis, Nanooptics/nanophotonics/nanoplasmonics, Protein-nucleic acid interactions, Folding and conformational dynamics of proteins and enzymes, Macromolecular machines, and Live cell imaging and super-resolution imaging. The symposium will be in the PacificChem core area of Physical Chemistry, while being also relevant to the cross-disciplinary areas of Biological as well as Materials & Nanoscience.

Confirmed invited speakers:
Vasudevanpillai Biju (AIST), Suzzane Blum (Irvine),Rickard Blunck (Montreal),
Peng Chen (Cornell), Gonzalo Cosa (McGill), Randall Goldsmith (Wisconsin), Yoshie Harada (Kyoto), Johan Hofkens (Leuven), Dongho Kim (Yonsei), Todd Krauss (Rochester), Christy Landes (Rice), Nam-Ki Lee (PosTech), Stephan Link (Rice), H. Peter Lu (Bowling Green), John Lupton (Regensburg), Tetsuro Majima (Osaka), Hiroshi Miyasaka (Osaka), W. E. Moerner (Stanford), Michel Orrit (Leiden),
Christine Payne (GaTech), Maarten Roeffaers (Leuven), Juan Scaiano (Ottawa), Daniel Schwartz (Colorado), Satoshi Takahashi (Tohoku), Yanwen Tan (Fudan),
Martin Vacha (Tokyo), David Vanden Bout (Austin), Nils Walter (Michigan),Jie Xiao (Johns Hopkins), Haw Yang (Princeton),
Christopher Yip (Toronto), Xinsheng Zhao (Peking)
Last update: Dec 28, 2015