Strategies for Coupling and Decoupling Diverse Molecular Units in the Glycosciences (#201)

Biomolecules consisting of several molecular units, each fulfilling a different function are becoming more and more important as probes, therapeutics, and compounds exhibiting specific properties. Carbohydrates are perfect examples of such molecular units introducing a variety of important properties and functionalities. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to study ways of coupling such molecular units. It is also important to establish successful strategies to decouple them. The symposium will highlight methodologies such as click chemistry including thio-click, Huisgen cycloaddition, ligation including Staudinger ligation and synthesis of complex biomolecules via metathesis. If decoupling is required, chemical, physical and biochemical (enzymatic) methods can be taken advantage of. All of the approaches will be discussed in detail. The strategies discussed in the symposium will emphasize recent developments in multidisciplinary glycoscience fields.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015