Connecting Chemistry with Society

Historical Evolution of the Chemical Community in the Countries of the Pacific Rim (#198)

The doctorate in chemistry is generally regarded to have come into existence in early 19th century Germany. This model soon spread around the world. In early years it was common for international chemistry scholars to train at the ranking German universities and then return to their home countries to seed a local version of the doctorate. Many of the modern nations in the former British Empire, however, trace their chemistry roots to the historic universities of England. The availability of higher education in chemistry in US, Canada, and the Asia nations has also stimulated national chemical industries and governmental research institutes in each nation. These institutions have advanced the health, security, and comfort of their citizenry. Each country's story is unique and produced various pioneering scientists that have become local heroes to the chemists of today. This symposium brings forth the historical roots of the professional chemistry communities in the countries of the Pacific Rim, with speaker topics including the history of the origins and growth of chemical branches (academic, industrial, and governmental) in each country.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015