Homogeneous Gold Catalysis: Methods, Theories and Applications (#192)

Homogeneous gold catalysis has recently experienced explosive development and attracted broad interest in the synthetic community. A plethora of powerful synthetic methods have been developed, thanks to the versatile and exceptional reactivities of gold complexes, and applied to elegant synthesis of complex bioactive structures. Applications of DFT calculations in this exciting area have increasingly shed light on the uniqueness of gold chemistry. This symposium will serve as an excellent venue to bring the leading researchers from the pacific basin countries as well as other parts of the world together to present the state of the art in the field and promote its further development and its application in synthesis. The symposium will cover the following facets of homogeneous gold catalysis: 1) Method development, including the combination of gold catalysis with other processes such as organocatalysis, other metal catalysis, photoredox catalysis and etc. 2) Novel reactive intermediates. 3) Theoretical studies via DFT calculations of reactions of high importance in the field. 4) Applications of homogeneous gold catalysis as key transformations in natural product synthesis. 5) Application in medicinal chemistry and process development. 6) Green gold chemistry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015