Innovative Approaches in Bond-Cleavage and Bond-Forming Reactions at Late Transition-Metal Centres (#186)

The discovery of bond-cleavage and -forming processes promoted by late-transition metal complexes more than 40 years ago laid the foundations for novel synthetic strategies and methodologies now at the forefront of contemporary chemistry. Conversion of these elementary reactions into catalytic processes is critical to creating value-added commodity products, and therefore future economic growth. To achieve this goal, new innovative ideas in bond recomposition at late transition-metal centres are required. This symposium will set out to create a frontier at the interface of synthetic and organometallic chemistry on innovative bond recomposition. Topics include the following: (1) new mechanistic advances including those emerging from fresh approaches to catalyst design, (2) stoichiometric approaches, (3) innovative catalytic processes, (4) new catalysts comprised of inexpensive and abundant first row metals, (5) computational deconvolution of reaction pathways, and (6) implementation into practice in catalysis. By creating a forum for dialogue between researchers with diverse expertise, and building on shared strengths, we hope to catalyze new advances in this important field.

List of invited speakers for Symposium #186:
Last update: Dec 28, 2015