Connecting Chemistry with Society

Small Businesses Reaching Out for Market Share: Tool Kit and Success Stories (#185)

This session aims to provide perspectives on the challenges, excitement, and do-overs that are inherent in launching and driving growth in the commercial sector:

(1) practical tools for small business owners, including intellectual property protection, licensing, technology transfer, capital formation, strategic planning, partnership/alliance/marketing strategies to commercialise opportunities domestically and internationally;

(2) success stories, from entrepreneurs in the chemical, high-tech materials, energy, pharmaceutical/bio-tech, and analytical instrumentation sectors, presenting narrative experiences regarding innovation, perseverance, competition, and overcoming market barriers.

Start-up and existing small businesses are a major source of economic growth within the Pacific Rim countries and scientific, technology, and engineering advances in the commercial sector are measured by their utility in the broader, world-wide community. However, limited investment capital, infrastructure resources, and personnel experience are factors that create barriers for start-up and existing small businesses when seeking and securing customers, clients, and contracts; attempting to conduct business in foreign countries compounds the issues.

Successful small businesses have determined how to leverage their entrepreneurial skills to overcome the market barriers that exist with large and established competitors. Small entities are characteristically nimble, innovative and accept a higher level of risk. This session will provide entrepreneurs with perspectives for building success.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015