New Platforms for Natural Products Discovery (#18)

This symposium will explore the latest technologies for the discovery, production and optimization of natural products as leads primarily for the development of new therapeutic agents. New platforms for discovery will include novel sources, including consortia of micro-algae, exploration of symbiotic relationships, co-culturing of microorganisms and epigenetic stimulation for the production of novel metabolites. High-content and modern phenotypic screening technologies will be featured for the detection of compounds with novel mechanism of action. Optimization of natural product leads by traditional medicinal chemistry as well as biosynthetic medicinal chemistry will be explored as crucial technologies for the translation of novel chemistry into viable clinical candidates. New analytical methods for the detection, characterization and imaging of natural products will emphasize advances in mass spectrometric techniques. Sessions devoted to the latest developments in metabolomics will focus on the interrelationships between sets of metabolites and changes in the environment.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015