Characterization of Polymers and Polymer Assemblies in Solution (#172)

Precise molecular characterization of macromolecules is an indispensable technique in polymer industries. If polymer materials do not possess required properties, chemists must check their molecular characters to find the reason for improper properties. Since macromolecules are much more complex than small molecules, we have to apply special techniques for molecular characterization of macromolecules.
Recent polymer industries utilize various kinds of polymers, e.g., branched polymers, block and graft copolymers, and various types of copolymers bearing specific functional groups to provide novel properties and functions. Those kinds of polymers are much richer in polymolecularity than linear homopolymers, so that we have to develop new techniques to characterize their polymolecularity with respect to the chemical structure, architecture, configuration, and conformation.
The symposium focuses on characterization methods of those polymers using solution properties and chromatography, and their applications to the various kinds of polymers and polymer assemblies, including supramolecular polymers. Both polymer physical chemists and synthetic chemists are welcome to join this symposium to discuss newly developed methodologies and newly synthesized polymers to be molecularly characterized.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015