Chemistry of Clean Energy Conversion, Storage, and Production

Nanostructured Oxides for Energy Harvesting and Water Splitting (#171)

Metal oxides represent an emerging class of materials, whose properties cover the entire range from metals to semiconductors to insulators and almost all aspects of chemistry, material science, and physics in a broad application area. In the past years significant progress has been achieved on the synthesis, structural, physical and chemical characterization of self-organized and hierarchically-assembled metal oxide nanostructures. New fundamental research is paralleled with original potential applications, including nanowire for electronics and photonics, electron sources, energy conversion and storage, interfacing nanowires with living cells, single nanowire devices and sensors. In particular, oxide nanostructures are increasingly used for energy harvesting and water splitting, owing to the possibility of fine tuning the morphological, structural and electronic properties of these materials during their synthesis. In addition, the formation of composite systems leads to new charge transport properties of particular interest in photoelectrochemical systems. Experts from Academia and Industry will meet in this symposium dedicated to the synthesis and characterization of self-organized nanostructures of all metal oxides, with application potentials as functional materials for energy harvesting and water splitting, which are critical and emerging topics for both developed and developing nations that will allow them to meet future challenges in energy and environment.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015