Activation and Transformation of Small Molecules Mediated by Early Transition Metal Complexes (#170)

Early transition metal complexes (i.e., those containg metals in groups 3 - 7) have attracted much recent interest due to their potential as reagents and catalysts for mediating the making and breaking of chemical bonds. Some new aspects of early transition metal chemistry have involved the utilization of redox active ligands and newly designed multi-dentate ligands, to study - inter alia - dioxygen complexes, small molecule activation, H-atom abstractions, insertion reactions of small molecules, and sigma-bond metatheses. Such transformations play key roles in C-C bond formation and the functionalization of abundant small molecules, while showing clear differentiation from the chemistry of of later transition metals. In this symposium, emphasis will be placed on fundamental and novel discoveries of early transition metal organometallic chemistry. Recent developments in small molecule activation by early transition metal complexes will be another focus.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015