Applications of C-H Functionalization (#169)

C-H activation has become widely recognized as having the potential of fundamentally changing the logic of synthesis and consequently approaches to drug discovery, development and material science research. The high impact of this rapidly evolving field is evidenced by the fact that thematic issues focusing on C-H functionalization have recently appeared in all the major chemical review journals. Since many of the Pacific Rim countries have invested heavily into C-H activation research, Pacifichem 2015 provides a unique and timely opportunity to discuss the latest advances, applications, and future strategies for the field. The program will include academic and industrial invited speakers as well as contributing speakers selected from submitted abstracts. The broad theme of C-H activation will be organized into number of half-day sessions focused on various topics, including: (a) Recent advances in C-H activation; (b) Late stage C-H functionalization; (c) Catalyst design for C-H activation; (d) Computation and mechanistic approaches to C-H activation; (e) C-H activation strategies; (f) Applications of C-H activation to drug discovery and development; (g) Applications of C-H activation to material science; and (h) Synthetic applications of C-H activation. We strongly believe that this symposium represents a unique opportunity for the C-H activation community to share the exciting science in the field.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015