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Self-organization in Chemistry (#165)

Self-organization under nonequilibrium conditions is a hot topic in not only living systems but also nonliving ones. We can see dynamic behaviors such as rhythm, pattern, and chaos in systems ranging from biological cells to the biosphere. Chemical reactions are the bases for the self-organized phenomena both in living and nonliving systems; biochemical reactions regulate the metabolism in all organisms and support their lives, and geochemical reactions control the global climate. Chemical reactions can also generate several types of patterns on crystal and gel materials under nonequilibrium conditions. This symposium focuses on spatio-temporal self-organized phenomena emerged in chemical systems under nonequilibrium conditions. Sessions related to the following fields will be included: Oscillations and pattern formation, Nonlinear dynamics such as bifurcation and synchronization, Soft Matters such as polymer, gel, liquid membrane under nonequilibrium conditions, Nonlinear phenomena of self-propelled systems, Biochemistry & Chemical evolution, Energy transduction, and so on.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015