Optical Waveguide Techniques for the Analyses of Materials and Interfaces (#164)

For Pacifichem 2005 and 2010, we organized a symposium focused on state-of-the-art total internal reflection and optical waveguide spectroscopies, including principles, techniques, and applications to materials and interfaces. Both attenuated total reflection (ATR) and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) spectroscopies were addressed, as well as a variety of dielectric media and optical configurations. In Pacifichem 2015, we propose to continue this theme based on a surge of new research activity in recent years. In particular, this symposium will focus on recent innovations and applications of planar optical waveguide techniques and geometries. Recent innovations in this field include a variety of electroactive waveguides for spectroelectrochemistry, combined plasmon/waveguide mode platforms for biosensing, new types of multichannel waveguide devices for multianalyte detection, and combined microfluidic chip systems based on waveguide transducers. Applications of these techniques to nanoscale films and materials will also be discussed; e.g., elucidation and optimization of the unit processes in dye-sensitized solar cells and organic light-emitting diodes, ultrasensitive spectroelectrochemical characterization of redox-active films, studies of films that mimic cellular transduction processes that accompanying redox reactions, and molecular orientation and reactivity in protein films that are designed as bio-integrated circuits.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015