Fundamentals and Applications of Atomic Spectrometry (#160)

The symposium is intended to cover new methodology, instrumentation, and applications of atomic spectrometry and to address problems of environmental, biological, materials, industrial and geological interest. Key areas to be emphasized include improvements in sensitivity and precision, novel methods for sample introduction of analytes, determination not only of total concentrations of elements but also of their chemical species, novel methods for mass-spectrometric detection, miniaturization of instruments and the sample volumes they require, elemental bio-imaging, the analysis of nanoparticles, and determination of elements in biological samples (metallomics). In this symposium, spectrometry using not only electromagnetic radiation but also mass spectrometry will be considered. The overall intention of the sessions will be to provide a clear direction of research for the coming decade, so extrapolation of current trends will be welcome.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015