Organo-Main Group Avenues toward Advanced Materials (#16)

The use of main group elements, particularly from groups 13-15, has emerged as an efficient strategy to obtain materials with quite diverse and intriguing properties for a host of different practical applications. Having been lab-curiosities for a long time, the now well-established utility of organo-main group compounds as catalysts for intriguing chemical conversions, as well as precursors for advanced materials has attracted the attention of a rapidly growing number of researchers.
The focus of this symposium will be on recent fundamental advances in main group chemistry that have opened up the path to advanced materials and novel reactivities. It will also target the development of functional materials whose unique properties are derived from the presence of organo-main group components. Specific topics will include, small molecule activation, conjugated materials, energy storage and conversion, photophysics, sensing, self-assembly, functional polymers, as well as molecular semiconductors and their precursors.

The following speakers have already confirmed their participation: Guy Bertrand (UCSD), Holger Braunschweig (Wuerzburg), Francois Gabbai (Texas A&M), Derek Gates (UBC), Muriel Hissler (Rennes), Frieder Jaekle (Rutgers), Cameron Jones (Monash), Todd Marder (Wuerzburg), Warren Piers (Calgary), Phil Power (Davis), Masaichi Saito (Saitama), Manfred Scheer (Regensburg), Akira Sekiguchi (Tsukuba), Matthias Wagner (Frankfurt), Suning Wang (Queen's), Yosuke Yamamoto (Hiroshima), Raymond Ziessel (Strasbourg).
Last update: Dec 28, 2015