Innovation in Chemical Sensing and Separation Systems toward Advanced Chemical Analysis (#159)

In this symposium, the discussion will be focused on innovation of wet chemical methods of analysis in terms real-life, real-time, and real-opportunity situations without the requirement for sophisticated instrumentation. In solving such urgent demands on analytical technology, particularly in environmental, biochemical, and clinical sciences, progress will rely essentially on developments in underlying chemistry and on techniques such as, (1) new chemical structures and reactions for molecular, ionic and chiral recognition/detection based on chelate, supermolecular and immunochemical complexation, (2) elegant chemical separation systems using new collection materials and self-assembly media, and novel concepts in HPLC/HPCE separations, and 3) fabrication of integrated sensing devices for microseparation/detection for use in field tests in pollution control and point-of-care testing. The use of computer modeling of these systems will also be pivotal.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015