Materials & Nanoscience

Specific Effect(s) in Chemical Reactions by Innovative Technologies (#157)

The principal themes of the symposium concern the specific effects that emerging technologies have on chemical reactions in the fields of organic synthesis and materials processing of new functional materials. The microwave, supercritical fluid and sonochemical methodologies, where specific effects frequently appear, often enhance process dynamics by several orders of magnitude. However, elucidation of mechanisms involved is sometimes a daunting challenge. Solutions to these issues require approaches from many different directions. To the best of our knowledge there are no sessions that treat such effects on chemical processes. It goes without saying that control of such special effects is important. Novel ideas that could aid in resolving and further our understanding of such effects could be obtained from speakers with various expertise. Therefore, concerted specific effects from other techniques are not precluded, but are in fact welcomed. Organizers of this session possess a variety of rich experience in the proposed session topics. Accordingly, the session(s) proposed herein can respond to the announcement of various approaches to concerted local reaction fields. The session or sessions will be of interest to researchers in the fields of chemical engineering, organic chemistry, nanomaterials and chemical physics, but do not exclude researchers from other scientific fields, particularly fields in emerging areas that will prove very beneficial in promoting future research and sustainable developments. Lastly, chemical reaction processes that utilize these techniques may be of particular relevance to an industrial environment.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015