Current Trends and Interconnectivities Among Fundamental and Applied Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry (#156)

The unique properties that are embodied by fluorine-containing materials continue to attract the attention of fundamental and applied researchers. Spanning much of the periodic table, fundamental aspects of this fluorine symposium will embrace diverse topics such as strong oxidants, highly energetic materials, advanced materials, transition metal fluorides and oxide fluorides, fluoro-organometallic compounds, fluoride compounds of groups 17 and 18, weakly coordinating anions, perfluoroalkyl-containing species, and carbonaceous materials. The uniqueness and diversity of structures, bonding, properties, and reactivities among inorganic fluorine compounds also continue to generate interest across a broad spectrum of applied fields. The proposed symposium will also illustrate the interdisciplinary role of inorganic fluorine chemistry that spans diverse applications related to problems with energy generation, sustainability, and storage, creation of biologically active systems with pharmaceutical and agricultural relevance, and protection of the environment, including reduced global warming potential. Solutions to these problems are actively pursued through research in inorganic fluorine chemistry which encompasses many sub-specialities including synthesis, spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, and materials characterization. The symposium will provide a forum for active discussions on the most current fundamental and applied aspects of inorganic fluorine chemistry among participants from academia and industry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015