Materials & Nanoscience

Mechanically Responsive Materials (#153)

Elastic polymers and crystals that are capable of stimuli-responsive mechanical effects are indispensable for fabrication of mechanically tunable elements for actuation and energy harvesting, including flexible electronics, artificial muscles, microfluidic elements, and in printing technologies. The advanced smart materials that will qualify for these applications in the future must fulfill an extended list of requirements including reversible, rapid, controllable and fatigueless response.

Advanced photoactive elements for energy conversion have been developed based on chromophores embedded in polymeric materials. Concomitantly with the efforts aimed at improvement of the performance of such polymer-based actuators, there have been recently burgeoning research efforts and increased interest in mechanically responsive single crystals.

By including talks by some of the leading researchers in the field of soft actuators and from the crystal research community, this symposium aims at bringing these two worlds together in an attempt to create a forum for discussion on the future directions in the research on mechanically responsive materials. The session will include talks with interspersing subjects from the two fields in order to stimulate exchange of views on the advantages and the pitfalls for either of the two classes of materials, leading to critical discussions on their traits and complementarity.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015