Chemistry and Application of Boron Clusters (#152)

Boron clusters have drawn much attention in fundamental understanding on their cluster bonding and provided new insight in many scientific disciplines. Boron cluster science is now taking new directions for molecular, supramolecular, nanostructural, and nanobio-hybrid systems that involve a wide spectrum of chemistry including inorganic, organic, organometallic, medicinal, material, photonic, and physical chemistry as well as nano science. This topic covers progress and perspectives of boron chemistry and application of boron clusters. Topics include the following: (1) cluster boron chemistry: boranes, carboranes and metallaboranes; synthetic chemistry, theory, structure and bonding, applications; (2) inorganic chemistry: materials, polymers, ceramics, borides, boron nitride, boron oxides, and boron acids; (3) organoboron compounds and their metal complexes: synthesis, structure, applications including asymmetric synthesis via organoboron compounds, enantioselective reductions, and chiral boron compounds; (4) boron and gadolinium capture therapy designing boron compounds as biologically active species for human therapy.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015