Frontiers in Chromatin Biology and Chemical Epigenetics/Epigenomics (#151)

Epigenetics is a rapidly growing field of today’s biological research. New advances and discoveries in epigenetics and chromatin biology are transforming our fundamental views of health, disease and medicine. Epigenetic programming and regulation of gene expression are intrinsic to both normal physiology and pathological development. Chemical biology has been proven to be a powerful platform for epigenetic discovery and new drug development. This symposium will draw on the full range of epigenetics studies, especially in the interface of chemistry and biology. The symposium will highlight the most recent exciting findings in the frontier area of chromatin biology, chemical biology study of epigenetics (or chemical epigenetics), and stem cell biology, and discuss critical challenges and problems facing the field. The topics will cover but are not limited to: (a) epigenetic mechanisms, functions, and novel structures, (b) innovative chemical approaches, probes, tools for epigenetic discovery, (c) critical chromatin writers and readers and erasers, (d) RNA in epigenetics, (e) epigenetics in stem cell differentiation, (f) chemical regulators of epigenetics, and (g) recent development in novel chromatin modifications.
Invited speakers include Phil Cole, Chuan He, Ernesto Guccione, Tom Muir, Neil Kelleher, Tatiana Kutateladze, Minkui Luo, Minoru Yoshida, Cheryl Arrowsmith, Haitao Li, Paul Thompson, and more.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015