Bench to Bedside: Chemistry of Health Care

Small Molecule Epigenetic Modulators (#146)

The field of epigenetics concerns heritable changes in gene expression that do not result from an alteration in the DNA sequence itself. Epigenetic processes that have become dysregulated have been implicated in a number of diseases including cancer and inflammatory diseases. Small molecule agents that modulate epigenetic processes therefore have great potential as therapeutic agents and two-classes of drugs acting on epigenetic targets, HDAC and DNMT inhibitors, are already approved as anti-cancer drugs. This symposium will focus on the very exciting developments in the discovery of potent and selective epigenetic modulators. In particular the symposium is concerned with the discovery of new agents for the treatment of disease with a particular focus on compounds with demonstrated in vivo activity (preclinical and/or clinical) against novel epigenetic targets. In addition, presentations on the discovery of drugs with improved activities against validated epigenetic targets will also be highlighted.
Invited speakers include: Patrick Trojer (Constellation Pharmaceuticals), Chris Carpenter (GSK), Richard Chesworth (Epizyme), and Mohammad Azab (Astex).
Last update: Dec 28, 2015