Current Polyurethane Science (#133)

Important advances in chemistry, processing, surface science and characterization have marked research and development of polyurethanes and polyureas. This comprehensive symposium will provide the opportunity to participate and learn about the latest advances. Topics include: (a) fundamental progress in structure-property relationships and network formation, (b) polyurethanes utilizing natural products and biomass, (c) tailoring structures with specific segments for performance, (d) minimizing environmental impact through water-borne and related systems, (e) hybrids that are comprised of inorganic (e.g., Si-O) and urethane networks, and (f) surface modification via processing compatible methods to achieve targeted function. Thin films, coatings, elastomers, adhesive, sealants, fibers and other forms are subjects for presentations that explore limits of applicability at high and low temperatures. Applications for advanced systems include the energy sector, medicine, and the marine environment.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015