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Technology and Assessment Strategies for Improving Student Learning in Chemistry (#132)

There are many factors that influence the way change occurs in how chemistry is taught and learned. Over the past several years, however, two key drivers of innovation in chemistry education have been (1) the increased availability and capability of technology for education and (2) the role of assessment of student learning. In both cases, the prospects for meaningful improvement of student learning are closely tied with the way the innovations are implemented.

For the incorporation of technology in the teaching of chemistry, there is increasing evidence that simply providing technological tools alone is not enough to improve learning. This symposium will explore both new and improved technologies and improved pedagogical practices that enhance the impact of new technology for meaningful learning.

Assessment strategies and ways of measuring what students know (have learned) play a major role in determining the efficacy of innovations in chemistry education. Talks in this symposium will naturally include assessment evidence. They will also focus on research into what factors influence the validity and reliability of assessment as applied to chemistry education.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015