Micro- and Nano-fabricated Analytical Devices for Chemical, Biochemical and Biomedical Platforms (#129)

The field of micro- and nano-fabricated analytical devices has continued to witness strong growth since Pacifichem 2010. Peer reviewed publications on this field have been continuously increasing since the last Pacifichem meeting, and the diversity of applications continues to expand. There is a continued healthy and necessary focus on the physical science fundamentals for both micro- and nano-fabricated analytical devices, and an abundance of multidisciplinary 'real world' environmental, medical, diagnostic, and industrial applications are being built upon these fundamentals.

The symposium covers fundamentals, separations, and detection technologies relating to micro- and nano-fabricated analytical devices intended for chemical, biochemical, cells, and biomedical applications. The unifying theme of the session is transport of sample or reagent constituents through micro-/nano-fabricated structures for accomplishing various assay or synthetic processes such as sample aliquoting, chemical derivatization, concentration, filtration, separation and detection - real or modelled. The scope will encompass elucidation of fundamental mechanisms to development of sample analysis protocols. We will also consider commercial market and ethics survey papers that relate directly to the field.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015