Materials & Nanoscience

Development of Nano Devices and Nanotechnologies for Environmental Monitoring and Remediation (#124)

Nanotechnology is a major contributor to the development of new environmental applications for pollution prevention, monitoring, contaminant treatment, and hazardous waste site cleanup. To safely use nanomaterials, nanotechnology itself must involve a systems approach to environmental protection, taking into account life cycle perspective and an adaptive risk management strategy. This symposium will focus on addressing knowledge gaps regarding the safe use of nanomaterials for remediation and monitoring devices. The symposium will also address the impact of using nano particles on the health of environment such as toxicity (impact of nano particle surface chemistry on toxicity), fate/transport and transformations such aggregation and agglomeration, and waste generated such nano particles release into the environment. We invite oral and poster presentations on the following aspects: i) "Green" preparation routes of nanomaterials for environmental monitoring and remediation, ii) Development of simple nano(bio)sensors with excellent selectivity and detection limits that are suitable for rapid processing of multiple samples and real-time detection; iii) Transformation of contaminants, including those of emerging concern, using nanomaterials/nanodevices; iv) Role of environmental and stressors on the performance of nanomaterials in sensing and treatment; v) Possible environmental implications of when used in sensing and treatment applications, and (vi) energy production using nanomaterials/nanodevices.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015