Recent Trends in Organocatalysis (#122)

The organocatalysis in which the reaction is mediated by a catalytic amount of small organic molecule is an emerging powerful tool in organic synthesis, and is a rapidly developing field during the past decade. Definitely more fascinating reactions by organocatalysis are expected to apply the synthesis of biologically active molecules and its relevant compounds. In contrast to the ordinary metal-catalyzed syntheses, the field of organocatalysis is still in its relative infancy. However, this field certainly offers new perspectives for academic, industrial, economic, and ecological benefit. Hence, organization of an organocatalysis symposium at the PACIFICHEM 2015 seems to be quite timely in order to share the up-to-date information among the synthetic communities in the world including Pacific Rim countries. The goal of this symposium is to bring the topic of increasing appearance in the literatures and conferences of organic chemistry to the attention of the chemical community, and to stimulate the further development of this important field in organic synthesis. Discussion on the search for small, metal-free, organic molecules that can be utilized for more-broadly applicable, more-selective, and active catalysts should open up new aspect in this exciting area of organic chemistry.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015