Physical, Theoretical & Computational

Deciphering Molecular Complexity from Single Molecules to Cellular Networks (#121)

Due to the technological breakthrough, single molecules level studies become available. Single molecules are sensitive probes to the environments. The kinetic schemes can be mapped out and conformational dynamics can be probed directly without ambiguity of homogeneous and inhomogeneous environments encountered in the bulk. Interesting properties about molecular process such as folding of a molecule, conformational dynamics, and molecular recognition can be revealed
through the analysis of single molecule time series. On the practical side, understanding the inherent signatures embedded in the time series will be essential for molecular recognition, gene expression, drug discovery, DNA sequencing and molecular chip design. The theme of this symposium is to decipher molecular complexity in dynamics and kinetics from protein functions at single molecule level to cellular networks, in terms of the underlying energy landscape, and complex network. We will bring together researchers in different areas of studies such as (1) protein folding, biomolecular recognition and interactions, (2) single molecules experiments an theories, and (3) cellular networks as for the new direction in bridging chemistry and systems biology. We are aiming to establish a coherent framework to understand the underlying physical
mechanisms for function as well as universal behavior on the biological systems.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015