Novel Analytical Probes for In Vivo Optical Functional Imaging (#115)

For a sensitive, real-time imaging of various responses in living systems, functional optical probes to detect specific targets and phenomena in living cells are indispensable. Various optical probes and systems have been developed, and were successfully applied especially to living cellular systems. However, in recent years, there are strong demands for achieving in vivo functional imaging in multi-cellular systems, tissues, and living animals. For realizing in vivo optical imaging of various responses, target cells, and specific environments in vivo, novel analytical probes and techniques should be needed with new concepts to overcome many problems such as the limited penetration depth of light, and the difficulties in targeting probes and obtaining quantitative results in vivo. In this session, state-of-the-art probes and techniques for opening a new window for in vivo optical imaging will be discussed, including 1) near-infrared light-based fluorescent probes, 2) fluorescent and luminescent lifetime imaging probes, 3) probes for intraoperative detection of tiny tumors, 4) bioluminescence-based probes, 5) photo-acoustic imaging probes, 6) optimal drug delivery systems for imaging probes, 7) new instruments for detecting signals in living animals quantitatively, and so on.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015