Frontiers of Molecular Magnetism (#109)

Frontiers of Molecular Magnetism

Magnetism is one of the fundamental physical properties of matter, and the field of molecule based magnetism has played an important role not only for the characterization of molecular species but also for the development of new functional materials. In particular, the discoveries of molecule based magnets, photo-switchable magnetism, single molecule and single chain magnetism were epoch-making in inorganic chemistry. It is, however, important to discuss what we have done and to consider new physical properties and functions which may be found in such materials. In this symposium, up-and-coming chemists will gather to discuss new findings in the fields of molecule based bulk magnets, quantum magnets, organic radicals and high-spin molecules, magnetic switching through spin-crossover and electron transfer, and multi-functional behavior. We will discuss the state-of-the-art and attempt to predict the goals and future waves of molecular magnetism research over the next decade.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015