Agrochemistry, Environmental, and Geochemistry

Sustainable Chemistry: Beyond the Bench (#103)

Sustainability concepts have infiltrated chemistry. Sustainability and its implementation are increasingly important in the marketplace, in our society, and throughout everyday activities. Chemists frequently approach sustainability from a very narrow perspective, without consideration of the life cycle implications associated with process development or changes. In many cases, process improvements have focused exclusively on the manufacturing stage, solely taking into account the cost of goods, minimised CAPEX and OPEX requirements and existing regulatory compliance regimes. Future advances require that we build upon chemical and biological advances, such as the toxicological sciences that describe how chemicals, by-products, and degradation products exert adverse effects upon biological organisms and the ecosystem, and determine the fitness for purpose, the social license to operate and ultimately the economic sustainability of the manufacturer within the specific chemical industry sector. The focus of this symposium is to provide attendees with the opportunity to see where these interdisciplinary concepts contribute to chemical design, synthesis, process and use. Specific topics within the symposium include: a) Sustainable Molecular Design; b) Design for the environment and fitness-of-purpose in the 21st century; c) Life Cycle Assessment / Impact Assessment; d) Sustainability Metrics; and e) Interdisciplinary Case studies.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015